Democratic Senator Drops A Bombshell: Trump SCOTUS Nominee Wants To Give Him The Power To Fire Mueller

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CA) said that during their research they have discovered that Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, wants to give Trump the power to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Video of Blumenthal on The Beat with Ari Melber:

Sen. Blumenthal said:

I was a law clerk on the United States Supreme Court for Harry Blackman the year after he wrote the majority opinion in Roe V. Wade. I’ve argued cases before the United States supreme court, four of them. I really regard this institution with reverence as well as respect and what Donald Trump is doing — talk about partisan — is outsourcing and delegating this decision to right-wing fringe groups that are implementing screening and vetting this nominee for the trump litmus test, automatically overturn Roe V. Wade, cut back health care rights, civil rights, voting rights, this will be shaped for decades.

hat are we doing to stop this nomination? Well, of course, first, like good lawyers on the Judiciary Committee we’re doing a ton of research and what we have discovered is this nominee is in favor of giving the president power to fire the special counsel who is investigating him. That he is in favor of vast expansion of presidential power when most Americans today want Donald Trump to be checked and bridled because he’s out of control. Personally as well as in terms of authority and he has favored holding the consumer finance protection board unconstitutional. He doesn’t like what it does, protecting consumers but he thinks the president ought to have control over it. So these kinds of knowledge and facts are relevant and we’ll make the case to the American people that he is not the right nominee, right-wing, fringe, the product of a corrupt process and a president who has made himself a puppet of these groups. And look how relevant this is is right now. Rudy Giuliani said the president ought to continue to have pardon power. Who will determine that? The swing vote. Who will determine whether he has to comply with a subpoena from the special counsel? This nominee. And he absolutely must recuse himself. That is a bare minimum that my colleagues should insist on him.

Trump is trying to put a ringer on the Supreme Court

Trump is not thinking about the future of the country or what his choice could mean for vital constitutional questions. Donald Trump is looking for a get of jail free card. He wants a nominee who will allow him to fire Mueller and pardon himself, his family, and friends. Trump doesn’t care about anything else. He has given the right-wing fringe the freedom to pick their own Supreme Court nominee.

Trump wants to fire Mueller, and he has found a nominee that will give him both the political cover and power to do so.

This nomination must be stopped.

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