Mueller Nails Paul Manafort For Continuing To Commit Crimes From Jail

In a court filing, Special Counsel Robert Mueller showed that even while locked up in jail, Paul Manafort is continuing to commit crimes by sending and receiving emails.

The Rachel Maddow Show caught this nugget:

According to the filing:

Paul Manafort is a deeply dedicated criminal who loves to commit crimes. Even behind bars, Manafort can’t stop violating laws. Paul Manafort is truly a man after Trump’s own heart, and given this attitude, that the rules don’t apply to him, it is no surprise that Manafort has not taken a plea deal. Paul Manafort likely thinks that he is going to beat this case, or that Trump is going to pardon him.

It speaks volumes about Trump and his operation that they would take one look at the walking red flag that is Paul Manafort and see no problem with putting this guy in charge of the presidential campaign. Just as the corruption never stops with Donald Trump, the crimes keep on coming with Paul Manafort, who every single day demonstrates why he deserves to be kept behind bars.

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