Rachel Maddow Gets To The Bottom Of Why Trump Is Absolutely Terrified Of The FBI

It only takes a quick look at Donald Trump’s Twitter feed to recognize that this a man who is no fan of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Trump supporters will (wrongly) say that it’s because the FBI has been conspiring against him from the beginning of his campaign, but Rachel Maddow exposed the real reason for the president’s fear: Trump knows he’s in trouble.

The latest and most popular target for the president – a man who Trump and Republicans hope to use as a pawn in their smear campaign against the FBI – is former FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Just hours ago, Trump revved up his Twitter engine and took a fresh swipe at Strzok:

Trump can – and most certainly will – continue to use Strzok’s meaningless text messages and affair as a potential get-out-of-jail-free card, but it’s not the real reason the president is attacking him.


Rachel Maddow laid out the facts:

Being a lead agent on Heathfield and Foley was just one of the high profile, high stakes espionage cases that Peter Strzok has worked on or led at the FBI. He actually won a medal for his work on that one. But he also worked on other Russian spy rings in the U.S. and Chinese spy rings in the United States. Over more than 20 years at the FBI, he rose to become the senior agent on all espionage cases at the Washington field office at the FBI. Ultimately, he rose from there to become the head of the counterintelligence division for the whole FBI. In that capacity, he ended up involved in the investigation of Hillary Clinton using a personal e-mail address when she was secretary of state. In that capacity, as head of the counterintelligence division at the FBI, Peter Strzok was also assigned at the very earliest stages to the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and Russian interest in the Donald Trump presidential campaign. … That meant Peter Strzok was in charge of that. Because of his career, he was very well-placed to do that work. Intimately, intimately familiar with Russian intelligence operations and Russian intelligence efforts inside the United States. In his role as head of the counterintelligence investigation at the FBI, he was literally the lead person in the entire U.S. government in charge of stopping Russian operations inside the United States. And he had decades of experience in that and awards and indictments and dramatic international spy swaps to show for it.

Peter Strzok is really good at uncovering Russian spies

Of course, Trump has repeatedly said that Strzok can’t be trusted because of how he handled the Hillary Clinton email investigation, even though no bias was shown in that probe.

As Maddow noted, though, the real reason Trump is working to discredit Strzok and the entire FBI in the process is that he knows they have damning dirt on him.

After all, not even trained Russian spies could avoid detection when Peter Strzok was at the helm. Through his baseless rantings about witch hunts and FBI bias, it’s clear Trump knows this and is working overtime to combat it via a misinformation campaign.

But if sleeper KGB agents can’t outrun the FBI, then it’s safe to say that the corrupt campaign of conman Donald Trump can’t either.

That’s the real reason Trump is using Peter Strzok as a pinata – because he’s good at uncovering the illegal activity that the president’s campaign may have helped coordinate.