Sarah Sanders Humiliates Herself With NATO Lie For Trump

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly looked clearly annoyed as Trump ranted about Germany being owned by Russia, but White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that Kelly was annoyed because he was not served a full breakfast.


Kelly was listening to Trump, then he pursed his lips, looked away, and frowned.

According to Sanders, that frown wasn’t for Trump, but due to the lack of breakfast options.

Sanders told The Washington Post, “[Kelly] was displeased because he was expecting a full breakfast and there were only pastries and cheese.”

No one is buying that one for a second.

The Trump White House lies are growing more absurd by the day

A White House that exists to do nothing but boost and soothe a president’s ego is going to have to tell some unbelievable lies when the occasional truth does slip out. It was reported just months ago that Kelly has called Trump unhinged and an idiot.

Sanders could have ignored the questions about Kelly, or she could have said that there is no tension between Kelly and the President. Both of those options would have been more believable and less insulting than the lie that Sarah Sanders chose to tell.

This White House thinks that the American people are morons who will believe anything. It is one thing for an administration to lie ceaselessly, but it something entirely different when their lies insult our intelligence. The United States has gone from a president who trusted the intellect and good nature of the American people to one who thinks that he and his staff can say anything and we’ll believe it.

The lie that Sanders told was just plain dumb, and we the people deserve so much better.

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