Sen. Richard Blumenthal Has A Message For The World: ‘Donald Trump Doesn’t Speak For America’

Sen. Richard Blumenthal had a simple message for American allies as Donald Trump bungled his way through the first day of a key NATO summit in Brussels.

“Donald Trump doesn’t speak for America,” the Democratic senator said on MSNBC. “We are with you. We want you to be with us.”

Sen. Blumenthal tore into the president for further straining relationships between the U.S. and our allies, all while again propping up Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Sen. Blumenthal said:

He is either beholden to Putin, and he is because Putin intervened in the election to help him. Or he is an impulsive spoiled teenager who sort of wants to curry favor with someone he admires. But the mere fact that you are asking the question, Chris, is the most dangerous and frightening part of this whole thing. And let me make this point and it may be the most important point I have to make. Donald Trump doesn’t speak for America. The Senate of the United States, even as he went to Europe, passed a resolution saying to NATO, we are with you. We want you to be with us. We are not abandoning this historic relationship. That resolution was approved 98 to 2.

Trump is an international embarrassment

While Donald Trump is overseas playing president, it’s clear that the world sees him as a laughingstock – and we didn’t need a cartoonish balloon flying over London to tell us that.

During Trump’s embarrassing NATO kickoff on Wednesday, he proudly displayed his poor grasp of diplomacy, spouting off at American allies while making Vladimir Putin blush.

Of course, this reckless approach may play well in front of crowds that know just as little about foreign affairs as he does – but it doesn’t work on the world stage. Unlike him, the people he is meeting with this week actually know something about world affairs.

With any luck, U.S. allies will view Donald Trump as the majority of the American people have since before he was even elected – as a sideshow who should be dismissed.

As Sen. Richard Blumenthal said on Wednesday, this president does not speak for America.