No, GOP, You Don’t Get To Whine About Peter Strzok’s Affair While Defending Womanizer Trump

The Republican Party stooped to a whole new level of shame during Thursday’s clown show in the House of Representatives when they questioned FBI agent Peter Strzok.

The most stunning development throughout the entire proceeding was how each GOP congressman attacked Strzok’s extramarital affair with former FBI attorney Lisa Page – and they did it with a straight face.

Listen to this short exchange from late in the hearing, when GOP Rep. Karen Handel lectured Strzok about how a person in his position shouldn’t conduct himself the way he did.


Rep. Handel stood on her soapbox and delivered this message without batting an eye:

So obviously you understand the gravity of the transgressions. Engaging in the kind of behavior that you have been engaging in, especially with the extramarital affair, it opens up the agent to exploitation and even blackmail. Given the fact that you have and currently hold a high-level security clearance.

Quick question for Rep. Handel (and all the Republicans who pounced on Strzok’s affair on Thursday): Is it okay to cheat on your wife when you’re the President of the United States? Or is that conduct only frowned upon when you’re a Russian-busting FBI agent?

Meanwhile, Trump is still president and Republicans remain silent

A little note to Republicans who are suddenly pretending to give a damn about men cheating on their wives: Nobody believes you.

For years now, this is a party that has defended, downplayed and ignored the conduct of the man who now holds the most powerful office in the world. And Trump hasn’t only cheated on each of his three wives; he’s also literally on tape admitting that he’s done much worse.

If Republicans need a refresher, here it is:

The Access Hollywood tape isn’t some isolated, off-the-cuff incident either. At least 16 women have come forward with credible sexual assault or harassment claims against Donald Trump.

Republicans have yet to speak out about these transgressions with the same phony outrage they spewed today. There are no pending hearings or investigations into the long list of allegations against the current womanizer-in-chief.

At the end of the day, the GOP hearing on Thursday was a complete flop, much like the Hillary Clinton-Benghazi charade was. But it did demonstrate for the American people – again – just how shameful this party has become in the Trump era.

As John Fugelsang so appropriately tweeted earlier today about this GOP stunt, “Somewhere Irony is huffing gasoline fumes out of a brown paper bag.”