North Korea Humiliates Trump By Not Even Showing Up To Meeting

After the June 12th summit, Trump said Pyongyang had already “sent back” the remains of 200 U.S. troops. But Kelly McKeague, head of the U.S. agency that tracks down remains of U.S. soldiers lost on foreign battlefields, said in an interview with Reuters that no new remains had been returned since the Trump-Kim talks.

Turns out, not only have they not sent the remains back, but they blew the U.S. off at the planned meeting to discuss the return.

The North Korean delegation did not show up at the planned meeting with the U.S. to discuss the return of American service members, which was the only concrete concession President Trump managed to get out of his elevation of North Korea.

“The ONLY concrete concession Trump secured from Kim Jong-un last month was a pledge to return the remains of an unspecified number of American service members. And now that’s very much in doubt,” national security spokesperson for the Obama administration and former intelligence officer with the CIA Ned Price pointed out.

Breaking: North Korean delegation did not show up at planned meeting with U.S. at Demilitarized Zone Thursday to discuss repatriating remains of Americans killed in Korean War. There was no call or explanation, @eliselabottcnn reports.

The “Art of the Deal” President met with North Korea, giving Kim Jong-Un all that he ever wished for, but getting nothing but promises in return. One of those promises was that the U.S. might be allowed to resume a search for the thousands of dead American service members from the 1950-53 Korean War.

“We have yet to see any specifics from that commitment,” said McKeague.

North Korean and United Nations officials were to meet today in the demilitarized zone that divides the Koreas to discuss service members missing in action (MIA), according to reporting by Tim Kelly for Reuters.

While the hunt and identification of war dead would take months to resume, we might not even get a chance to do that. What’s worse than Donald Trump having given up so much to North Korea and getting nothing in return is that the families of the missing dead are still unable to bury their loved ones.

Trump’s promises might seem ridiculous on their face, at least to anyone with even cursory knowledge of how the world works — but what they serve to do is give Fox News and right wing “news” talking points to believe in. I am told by Trump supporters that he not only already managed to secure peace and denuclearization with North Korea, but that family members who *already received* the remains of their loved ones per this agreement are deeply grateful.

This is what we are up against- one political party and its propaganda takeover of U.S. “information” systems to such a point that 1/3 of the population believes flat out lies are real. The rest of us are left reeling from the recognition of the danger this president’s ignorance is inflicting on not only the United States, but the world.

This is the current status of Trump’s big success- his “Nobel Peace Prize” worthy summit. They didn’t even show up to discuss the return of our service members’ remains.