Peter Strzok Delivers The Russia Knock Out Blow That Republicans Fear The Most

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was trying to discredit Strzok and make him sound un-American when Strzok cut through the BS and cut to the heart of the Russia scandal.



Gowdy: I thought you trusted the American people. I thought that was what you said in August of 2016, that the American people would stop him and then they didn’t stop him and here we are in March and all of a sudden not trusting the American people anymore.”

Strzok: Sir, what I utterly trust the American people. What I worry about is when the government of Russia puts their fingers on the scale and causes the will of the American people to be something other than Americans electing their president.

Gowdy weakly followed up by asking Strzok how many people have been indicted for collusion. Strzok told Gowdy that he knows that collusion is not a crime, so Gowdy asked how many people have been indicted for conspiracy. Strzok said zero. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NJ) interjected, “Yet.”

Strzok took the conversation to a place that no Republican wants to go. The Republicans in this hearing do not want to talk about what Russia did during the election and the role of the Trump campaign. The GOP would like you to please focus on these text messages, and ignore the attack on Democracy that happened right before your eyes. The scandal, according to Republicans is the text messages, not the fact that hostile foreign power and an American presidential campaign may have worked together to criminally put Trump in the White House.

Strzok went there, as a hearing that was already a completely unhinged debacle ended up doing nothing but damaging the cover story that Trump and the GOP are trying to spread.

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