Adam Schiff Delivers The Message That Haunts Trump: Bob Mueller Knows

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) had a message for House Republicans and Trump. It doesn’t matter how much they try to hide information, Bob Mueller knows.


When asked by Ari Melber if the Trump/Russia activity rose to the level of criminal intent, Adam Schiff answered:

What we see is really classic Russian tradecraft. That is they’ll make outreaches to people, to Americans. They’ll begin by using intermediaries. They’ll then see whether there’s a receptivity to the approach and if there is, they’ll follow it up with other approaches. And this is the pattern we see with the approach through the professor to Papadopoulos, then the approach to the foreign ministry, then the approach to the meeting at Trump Tower, and you see that they’re getting the message effectively back from the Trump campaign, yes, we are receptive to this, in fact, the president’s — the president, himself, as candidate says quite publicly that he wants the Russians to help by hacking and you see the Russians come through. Now, whether there is sufficient proof of conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt involving the Trump campaign, Bob Mueller is in the best position to know, what I can see are different pieces of this puzzle.

But what I can see also has missing pieces. I don’t know, for example, who Papadopoulos talked to about the Russian approach. We were going to bring in John Mashburn, one of the policy advisers for the trump campaign this week. He’d agreed to come in, but as soon as we informed the majority he was going to come testify, the majority intervened to tell him not to come. The majority doesn’t want to know who in the trump campaign was aware of this approach and who might have been in the know prior to the meeting in trump tower. But Bob Mueller knows at this point, and we’ll just have to wait to see whether the next indictment on the hacking and dumping operation if there’s another, is focused on Americans.

Bob Mueller knows

All of the Republican building of conspiracies, attacks on law enforcement, and smearing of the special counsel goes to one central point. Bob Mueller knows. Everything that Republicans have done is with the purpose of discrediting what Robert Mueller is going to someday report back to the American people. The vast majority of Republicans defending Trump don’t know what the Special Counsel knows, but they know that they have to stop it.

Every time Donald Trump goes on television or tweets the words witch hunt, as you read or watch the president spin, keep in mind that we are watching a man who is haunted by a constant truth that never sleeps and is always with him.

Bob Mueller knows, and soon you will too.

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