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Chuck Todd Blasts House Republicans For Not Caring About Russian Election Interference

Chuck Todd said that after today’s Mueller indictments, House Republicans look like they don’t care about Russian election interference.

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Todd said of the Strzok hearing, “I don’t want to use the word McCarthyism loosely. But history is going to treat that hearing very unkindly. It is going to be in the same category of embarrassing moments in congressional history. At the top will always be Mr. Mccarthy and what happened there. This will be in the top five of embarrassing moments. This is a public servant, not a political actor. The way he was treated, the conspiratorial nature, the irresponsible aspects of it, and as bad as it looked yesterday, given these serious indictments — and do you know how much work goes into identifying 12 by name Russian operatives that did this? It looks even worse after seeing these indictments. Does anybody on that Republican side of the House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight Committee care one iota about what the Russians did? It doesn’t look that way, the way they asked the questions yesterday.”

The Republican Party is not going to escape the Russia scandal alive

When the Republican Party sold itself out to protect Donald Trump, they sold their party out to Trump and Putin. The Strzok was a total debacle that looks roughly ten thousand times worse after these new indictments came down. Republicans did ask a single question about Russian election hacking. All of their questions were centered around Strzok and his texts. Putin didn’t just buy himself a president. He also owns a political party.

Chuck Todd was correct. Republicans look like they don’t care about the attack on American democracy, because they don’t care. They benefit from Russia’s crimes, so they have decided to protect their president and reap the rewards from an enemy attack.

Patriotism is dead in the GOP, as the Republican Party is now owned and operated by Trump and Putin.

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