Former Federal Prosecutor Says Mueller’s Next Indictment Will Zero In On Trump

Former federal prosecutor John Flannery said that he expects that Robert Mueller’s next indictment will zero in on Donald Trump.


Flannery said when asked by Ari Melber what speaks to him in the indictment:

The thing that speaks to me is what I expect we’ll see in the next indictment, the kind of one-two-three of the Mueller investigation, which is pinning the tail on the donkey being the orange man in the West Wing. We have two critical dates, there are others here but you may notice that on June 8, these Russians set up a special website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account, all of which was to disperse all the e-mails they’d stolen from the DNC and the DCCC as of that date. The next day they have a meeting in Trump Tower and it was published as a meeting that was going give information to the Trump campaign to go forward against Hillary Clinton. Then we have later in June another request for information because they were afraid that the Bernie Sanders people would go with Hillary after the nomination battle in July and so about a month later they had collected information and they did exactly that, they released it and days after they released that information the quote you put on the screen is the one that Trump stated which is more, give us more and they did that evening according to this indictment.”

Melber asked, “You’re suggesting this indictment tonight adds detail to the theory of the case that Donald Trump was not joking, was not being reckless, was not making a rhetorical point but was publicly actively trying to conspire with a foreign power in those remarks? Is that what you’re saying?”

Flannery answered, “Absolutely. He was arrogantly and transparently taking an overt act in this conspiracy with Russia to get elected in exchange for whatever his deal was with Putin that they’ll probably confirm in a couple days when they ask each other what to do behind closed doors. This has been a conspiracy. It’s a collusion and it explains why Trump gave the statement about the meeting was on June the 9. It was about adoptions of Russian children.”

Mueller has been very logical and methodical about this investigation is conducted. Flannery is likely correct. Mueller has rounded up the Russian operatives. He is going to follow that up by coming after the Americans who were working with the Russians, and that means that members of the Trump campaign are about to fall. It is all getting closer to Trump, and the next wave of indictments are likely to focus on Trump and his campaign.

Flannery’s theory explains why Republicans are so desperate to shut this investigation down.

Mueller is a freight train, and he is heading straight for Donald Trump.

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