Democrats Pounce As Rep. Ted Lieu Demands that Trump Cancel Putin Meeting

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) responded to the new Mueller indictments of Russians by demanding that Trump cancel his trip to visit President Putin in three days.

Lieu tweeted:

Rep. Lieu is right. Trump shouldn’t reward Putin with a meeting after his intelligence service committed crimes against the United States during the 2016 election. Under normal circumstances, canceling the meeting would be enough to send a message, but these are not normal circumstances.

Letting Trump meet alone with Putin poses a national security risk

Trump has proven in the past that he can’t be trusted in meetings alone with Russians. The president disclosed classified information when he invited the Russians into the Oval Office. Trump meeting alone with an enemy of the United States who he refuses to criticize, and in fact, goes out of his way to praise, is a dangerous situation for the country. Donald Trump shouldn’t be allowed to be in a room with Putin.

The fact that Trump has spent years denying and discrediting Russian election attacks should be enough to stop him from sitting down alone with Putin.

The Russian government attacked the United States presidential election to get Trump in office. The idea that Trump is going to meet alone with someone who is trying to destroy the country is mindboggling.

Rep. Lieu and other Democrats are the last line of defense to save the country, and they need the support of every single American because Trump meeting with Putin is a national security threat.

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