Ex-Watergate Prosecutor Drops Bomb: Mueller Prepping Indictments For Trump Campaign Officials

Former Watergate Prosecutor Nick Akerman dropped a bomb on Saturday, saying the details in Robert Mueller’s Friday indictment of 12 Russians indicate that the special counsel is preparing similar indictments of Trump campaign officials.

Akerman said “there is no way” the Russians would have been able to carry out their aggressive attack on U.S. democracy without the help of people on the ground from the Trump campaign.

“[Robert Mueller and his team] know who the Americans are,” the ex-Watergate prosecutor said. “They know who is going to be indicted.”


What Akerman said should terrify Trump:

There is no way, no how that the Russians would have enough political sense and have enough feel for what the game on the ground is without having spotters and people in the Trump campaign directing this. And if you look at this indictment, it is filled with incredible details about the Russians. I mean, this is not gathered just based on forensic evidence. And they know. They know who the Americans are. They know who is going to be indicted. And they’re in the process now of putting that evidence together so they can convict these people beyond a reasonable doubt.

Robert Mueller is making sure the case is rock solid

Given Republican efforts to undermine the overall investigation, special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is clearly trying to make sure, as Nick Akerman said on Saturday, that any Americans involved will be convicted “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Just like the Russian indictments handed down on Friday, any future indictments including Americans – particularly Trump administration officials – will be just as detailed and damning.

As Sarah Jones pointed out on Friday, Mueller’s latest indictments may not have included any Americans, but it could certainly lay the groundwork for future conspiracy charges against Trump campaign officials.

If and when those indictments come, no amount of political gamesmanship will be able to bail out Trump and his loyalists.