As He Is Under Criminal Investigation, Trump Is Sucking Up To Putin On Twitter

Trump took to Twitter to suck up to Putin and tell him that his World Cup was the best ever ahead of their summit meeting.

Trump tweeted:

This is Trump diplomacy in action. Flatter dictators and authoritarians while hoping that they play nice and give you something that you want. Instead of kissing up to Putin, Trump should have been threatening not to show up at this summit unless the 25 Russians that Mueller indicted for crimes during the 2016 are turned over for prosecution. A president who is under investigation who under investigation for potential crimes against his own country probably shouldn’t be kissing up to the mastermind behind those crimes.

These are sort of public statements and tweets that have convinced the majority of the American people that Trump is a Putin puppet. When faced with the choice of standing up to Putin or getting on his knees, Trump drops to the floor and kisses the ring of Putin.

Russians were just indicted for an attack on the United States, and the man who has taken a sworn oath to defend this country is lavishing praise on our attacker. Special Counsel Mueller probably has everything that he needs and more to explain Trump’s role in Russia’s attack on the United States, but in case he needed another example of Trump’s mindset and intent, it was provided to him by the president with his fawning tweet about Putin’s World Cup.

One doesn’t have to do much digging. Trump is showing the world what he is one tweet at a time.

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