The Biggest Newspaper In Finland Trolls Trump With 300 Billboards Touting The Free Press

Kaius Niemi, editor-in-chief of the largest newspaper in Finland has revealed 300 billboards that the newspaper is sponsoring to protest Trump and Putin’s treatment of the press and stand up for press freedom.

Here is one of the billboards:

Video of the billboards:

Trump and Putin will see the billboards as they leave the airport to go to the summit.

There will be 280 billboards along the route featuring past news headlines about the leaders’ treatment of the press. The newspaper sponsoring the billboards, the Helsingin Sanomat, reminds everyone that Finland is one of the world leaders in press freedom, so as they put it, “these headlines are free to tell the truth.” There is a giant billboard welcoming Trump and Putin to the land of the free press.

In less than two years, Trump has transformed America from a world leader on press freedom to a nation has its president protested for information suppression. The free press in Finland is taking a stand. They are not going to sit quietly by while a brutal authoritarian and his American mini-me hold destroy the freedom of the press.

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