Adam Schiff Unloads On Trump For Shamefully Surrendering To Putin

House Intelligence Committee ranking member, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) ripped Trump for a performance that the Putin summit that he called damaging and shameful to the United States.

Schiff tweeted:

Trump’s Performance Was A Damaging Disgrace

From saying that Democrats and the media are the enemies to having a meltdown and babbling conspiracy theories instead of confronting Putin, Trump’s summit performance was the worst of any president in dealing with Russia or the former USSR in US history. Trump was weak and caving at every turn. Trump attacked Americans and embraced the enemy of his own country.

Donald Trump did immense damage to the United States, and it is going to patriots like Rep. Adam Schiff and a future Democratic president to rebuild America from the rubble that Trump is creating on a daily basis. Trump is more than a bad president. He is a destructive force that is wrecking hundreds of years of American values and institutions.

The country is going to have to rely on people like Adam Schiff to get us back on our feet after the destruction caused by Donald Trump.

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