Russia Flaunts Their Criminal Conspiracy To Destroy Mueller By Retweeting Trump


Trump tweeted that the Mueller investigation is hurting relations with Russia, which the Russian government retweeted, as proof of their ownership of Trump and conspiracy to destroy Mueller.

Trump tweeted:


The Russian government replied:

The conspiracy is there in black and white. Trump and Russia are trying to destroy Mueller because he is uncovering their crimes. Instead of being at odds with each other after the Special Counsel indicted 12 Russians for crimes committed in their attack on the 2016 election, Trump is cozying up to Putin and refusing to demand that he turn over the indicted Russians for prosecution.

It doesn’t matter if Putin actually would turn over the Russians, what is important is that president, any president, defend the United States in the aftermath of an attack by a hostile foreign power.

The Russians and Trump are two criminal parties who are still cooperating with each other. The American people can see this with their own eyes, which is why the summit has been labeled treasonous.

Russia is flaunting their ownership of Trump for the world to see, as they are still basking in their successful replacement of the President Of The United States with a hapless puppet.

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