Jaws Drop As A Former Adviser Is Wondering If Trump Has Been Compromised By The Russians

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace reported that a former Trump national security adviser wondered to her if there is more to Trump’s embrace of Russia than sensitivity about his election. In other words, even people who advised Trump are wondering if he’s been compromised by the Russians.


Wallace said, “A former national security advisor Donald Trump told me today that the president’s performance in Moscow made him wonder for the very first time if there is, quote, something else there when it comes to Donald Trump’s knee-jerk defenses of Vladimir Putin. This former advisor also tells me that it’s clear John Bolton and secretary Pompeo have not been able to breakthrough to the president on behalf of the intelligence community and adds the disdain for the intelligence community started during the summer of 2016 when he first started receiving the classified intelligence briefing. This former advisor saying today, quote, it doesn’t matter that the agencies are now led by his people. It’s part of his ongoing war against intelligence.”

Trump loyalists are starting to ask questions about the president’s motivations toward Russia. These sort of question can serve as the first crack in the dam among Trump’s biggest supporters. Fox News is being critical of Trump for his press conference performance, though no one expects them to start putting country ahead of their partisan ideology, but there are growing signs of leakage in Trump’s support.

Trump’s subservience to Putin was so obvious that even Republicans can’t deny it. The best gift that the Mueller investigation could have ever gotten was Trump’s press conference beside Putin. Trump looked, sounded, and acted the part of a co-conspirator.

History may remember the Putin press conference as a key moment in the downfall of Donald Trump.

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