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Trump Tells Sean Hannity That He Had A ‘Really Amazing Time’ Selling Out America To Russia

Donald Trump and his other half Sean Hannity both took an undeserved victory lap on Monday after the U.S. president completely surrendered to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Hannity said Trump’s shameful press conference with Putin was “very strong” and Trump called it a “really amazing time.”

Amazing is one word for it. Treasonous, shameful, disgusting – those are other appropriate descriptors.

Either way, the exchange between Fox News blowhard Sean Hannity and Putin lapdog Donald Trump was enough to make any informed American’s blood boil.


The exchange between the two men:

HANNITY: A lot came up. You were very strong at the end of that press conference. You said, ‘Where are the servers? What about what Peter Strzok said? Where are the 33,000 emails?’ And there was this mystery answer that I think surprised a lot of people, by the president of Russia, as it relates to the Mueller investigation.

TRUMP: First of all, he said there was no collusion whatsoever. I guess he said as strongly as you can say it: They have no information on Trump. It was an interesting statement, too. Many years ago, when I was there, a long time ago, he said there were many, many business people there. In all fairness, I was a very successful businessman, but I was one of a lot of people. And one thing you know, if they had it, it would have been out. … He said it’s nonsense is right. He also said there’s absolutely no collusion, which you know, and everybody who watches your show knows, and I think most of the country knows, and Tucker standing right over there definitely knows. Because he gets it. He is one of the people that get it. But I’ll tell you, I thought it was a really amazing time.

Trump and Hannity are alone

Despite sheltering themselves safely inside the primetime Fox News bubble, Trump and Hannity are alone in their belief that Monday’s press conference was good for the country.

People all across the political spectrum – and even some on Fox News – have blasted Trump for selling out America to Vladimir Putin. From John McCain to Mitt Romney, many in the GOP see today as a red line that has been crossed.

The question is no longer whether the president is acting in a way that satisfies Putin. He clearly is, and the whole world got to see it on Monday.

Instead, the question is why.

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