Rachel Maddow Drops A Terrifying Message On Republicans As The Russia Heat Reaches A Boil

Rachel Maddow summed up the mood in the country after Trump’s summit by showing what Congress could be doing but isn’t, and then how the heat is being turned up on the GOP by the American people.


Maddow ran through a list of points that Congress could be investigating and holding hearings on, and then said:

Congress cares about sanctions. Do you care about trying to undermine sanctions? This is stuff to do. We are not beetles on our back unable to flip over. If you want to help this country get out of the national security crisis, your hands are not tied. Getting the truth, getting clarity, stopping more bad stuff from happening now and in the immediate future. That’s at hand. It is not an impossible list. It is practical. The question is whether anyone will do it. Theoretically, there is no Cass. And why don’t we have a cybersecurity chief anymore?

Why did Russians meet with Americans? Republicans and Democrats you can imagine working together on stuff like that. Here in the real world though, in order for that stuff to actually happen, we’re probably waiting on Congress to change hands and for Democrats to win control. And tonight you see the energy that might fuel that across the street from the white house where there is a second Diaw of spontaneous protests against the president and him siding with Russia over the American government. You will see it a lot more protests all over the country tomorrow. We also saw it today in a rare sign of rational cooperation by liberal groups of all persuasions. A big join effort called the last weekend to try to recruit every day Americans other are freaked out about what’s going on in the country. Trying to make the largest grassroots effort, to get out the vote but also to volunteer for Democratic candidates all over the country. It can be scary because hot water is hot, but it can be useful if it means things are starting to get cooking.

Trump’s behavior and policies are feeding the national energy for Democrats, and we are beginning to see something that we haven’t before from Democrats in a midterm election. Progressives and Democrats are cooperating on a common mission to stop Trump. The math has always been simple. There are more Democrats than Trump supporters. When Democrats cooperate and are on the same page, they do very well.

Democrats are united. They are boiling with anger and will take out that rage on Republican candidates at the ballot box in November.

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