Russia Co-Conspirator Mitch McConnell Refuses To Criticize Trump After Putin Summit

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) did nothing to dispell the idea that he is a Russia co-conspirator by not even mentioning Trump’s name during his first post-summit comments.


McConnell said that Russia is not our friend, and added, “And the evidence that they tried to impact the 2016 election. So make no mistake about it. I would say to our friends in Europe, we understand the Russian threat and I think that is the widespread view here in the United States Senate among members of both parties.”

Nowhere in McConnell brief comments was there a mention of Donald Trump. McConnell did absolutely nothing to push back against the idea that he is the main reason why there was not a bipartisan effort to push back against Russia while they were attacking the United States in 2016. Even after former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt went on national television and called for the Senate Majority Leader to be removed from power, McConnell showed no spine or willingness to rebuke and stand up to Donald Trump.
Mitch McConnell is a huge part of the Russia problem in the United States, and it is clear that in order to save and preserve US democracy, Sen. McConnell must be removed from the leadership of the Senate.

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