Trump’s Worst Nightmare Comes True As There Is Bipartisan Support To Have Private Putin Meeting Translator Brief Congress

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said that he thinks that there will be bipartisan support for the translator for Trump’s secret meeting with Putin to brief Congress on what was said next week.

Video of Sen. Blumenthal on MSNBC’s All In:

Blumenthal said, “President Trump has failed utterly refused to implement those sanctions against Russian energy, Russian financial, and Russian institutions generally that were required. They’re not discretionary. They are mandatory. And here is something else that Congress needs to do. Next week, Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State will be coming to testify before the foreign relation committee. I think we need the translator notes, and the translator herself come and brief us about what was said privately, because as important what that press conference was, where President Trump was a complete patsy, a pushover, and appeaser. Equally what he said privately to Vladimir Putin.”

Sen. Blumenthal wouldn’t say that he thought that there would be bipartisan support for having the translator brief Congress if he hadn’t already heard from some of his Republican colleagues that they want to hear what was said in that meeting.

If Congress does try to bring the translator in, it will raise the question of whether or not Trump will try to stop her from telling Congress what she heard by invoking Executive Privilege. Should Trump try to assert privilege, it is a pretty safe bet that all hell would break loose, because it would look like Trump was hiding something.

Trump thought that he could keep the details of his two hours plus conversation with Putin a secret, but his secret could be about to come out. If the president tries to stop Congress from learning what was said, it will plunge the nation into turmoil and make the crisis even worse.

Donald Trump’s private Putin meeting is about to cause a very big problem for the White House.

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