Sarah Sanders Snaps And Tells The Press To Stop Coming After Trump

Sarah Sanders snapped at the press and told them to stop coming after Trump for every single thing that happens.


Here was the exchange:

Reporter: A response to the arrest and indictment of a Russian national who — who is accused of trying to infiltrate American political organizations, particularly on the right, and trying to influence American politics?

Sanders: We are looking at that. But just to clarify, there was massive media hysteria yesterday over confusion between that individual and a white house staffer, which I think shows, frankly, the outrageousness and the just desire to find the negative in everything that this president does. Just because somebody was redheaded, they were accused of being some sort of spy for Russia. I think that this has gotten totally out of control. You guys need to take a little bit of a step back, slow down, and quit going after the Trump administration on every single thing that takes place.

It is the job of the press to hold the Trump administration accountable, especially on the Russia scandal. Of course, the White House thinks the reporting on the Russia investigation has gotten out of control because the truth is being revealed piece by piece about what happened during the 2016 election.

The White House has virtually stopped holding these press briefings, and one of the main reasons why is that questions keep coming that they can’t or won’t answer. Sanders was asked for comment about the Russian agent who infiltrated Republican politics and the NRA, and she turned it into an attack on the free press. Her answer was a deflection.

Trump can’t handle the scrutiny from the media. It is why he doesn’t do solo press conferences, and when the press is told to stop coming after someone, it is a sign that they need work twice as hard.

The Trump White House is crumbling under the heat of the Russia reporting.

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