Trump Thinks That He Did Great At Putin Press Conference That Got Him Accused Of Treason

Trump told Jeff Glor of the CBS Evening News that he did great at Putin press conference, even though it has resulted in accusations of treason and calls for his impeachment.



Glor: And how he responds to the cascade of criticism. After Helsinki, Lindsey Graham said you told weakness.

Trump: I totally disagree. I think I did great at the news conference. You have people that said you should have gone up to him and walked up and started screaming in his face. We’re living in the real world.

This press conference set off a national freakout, sent the White House scurrying to change their position on Russian election meddling four times in three days, launched nightly protests at the White House calling for Trump’s impeachment, and had newspapers and former government officials accusing him of treason. Donald Trump is living on a different planet from the rest of us.

The reaction of the White House alone shows that this press conference was an unmitigated disaster, but Trump thinks that he did great. What is most troubling about Trump’s answer is that he really believes it. He does think that he did great.

If what happened in Finland was Trump doing great, the American people never what to see what he would consider bad, because Donald Trump’s great was a humiliating sell out to Putin that may get him impeached.

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