Nancy Pelosi Demands An Apology for the American People From Putin Puppet Trump

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be U.S. President Trump’s “puppeteer” and demanded an apology for the American people on Thursday.

Pelosi called on Trump to apologize to the American people for his “disgraceful, dangerous and damaging behavior with Putin in Helsinki.”

Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed forces within the United States for marring what they called the success of their first summit, with Trump saying he looked forward to their second meeting.

Trump, who has struggled to quiet an uproar over his failure to confront Putin over Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. election at Monday’s summit in Helsinki, fell back on one of his favorite targets, the news media.

The Republican president accused the media of distorting comments in which he gave credence to Putin’s denials of election interference despite the conclusions of the American intelligence community about Moscow’s conduct.