Powerful House Republican Admits They Are Engaged In A Cover-Up For Trump

Powerful House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) was asked by the press if Republicans have any interest in getting Trump’s tax returns, and he answered no.

Peter Sullivan of The Hill tweeted:

Republicans aren’t even pretending to do any oversight on Trump. They have no interest in investigating the president because they are covering up for him. As the House majority, Republicans have a constitutional duty to provide oversight over the Executive Branch of the US government, but they are turning a blind eye to investigating the crimes and corruption of the current administration.

Brady’s answer is a ready-made campaign ad for Democrats. The problem is bigger than Trump’s tax returns. There is no congressional investigation of Scott Pruitt’s corruption at EPA. There is no congressional investigation of HUD Secretary Ben Carson, or Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, or Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. The lack of oversight is allowing Trump and his cabinet to raid the treasury while undermining the US government.

Republicans simply aren’t interested in Trump’s corruption because they are part of a cover-up. Many of them don’t even know what they are covering for, but because they fear Trump’s base, and they are corrupt, they have sold out the Constitution and this country for their president.

The Russia scandal is bigger than Trump. It is a Republican Party problem, and as long as the House is in the hands of Putin and Trump puppets, there will be no real investigations, because as Rep. Brady showed, House Republicans just aren’t interested in defending their country from Putin and Russia.

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