Former Staffers Liken Trump’s White House to a Puppy that Shat on the Floor and Spread It All Over

Earlier today, I mused that it’s impossibly to pundit with this White House and this Republican Party, because political science is meaningless, as is the psychology behind voters’ choices, when faced with a party enabling a hostile foreign power to interfere in elections on their behalf- so there is never a piper to be paid, thus it is irrelevant when Donald Trump publicly sides with Putin.

But even if we are doomed to have Putin pick our president and Congress for the next —, it would be nice if we could survive. You know, so we have a shot at taking America back. But based on the trickle down ineptitude in this White House, my hopes are dwindling.

Olivia Nuzzi reported Friday on the last week at the White House, wondering if the confusion is deliberate as a way to keep us in a constant state of wondering what’s real and to keep the public from realizing just how bad things actually are. Yes, yes to that. But she dug more deeply, and this is where former White House staffers compare this White House trying to fix Trump’s mistakes to a dog shatting on the floor and spreading it everywhere.

In the New York Daily Intelligencer, Nuzzi reports that a former White House official told her that they believe there is a genuine strategy to sow confusion.

“You and I are having this conversation right now, and we follow this stuff every day, and we can’t fully make sense of this. Imagine if you are John Q. Public who casually follows this stuff and catches it on the evening news or whatever, at some point you just throw your hands up and say, ‘I don’t know what’s going on!’”

“That’s one of the main reasons why there’s never been a story that actually did lasting damage to him. You can point to a handful of stories over the last couple of years that lasted more than a couple of days. I was on the campaign and I was in the White House and I follow it even now, and I don’t understand some of the Russia stuff.”

And a second former official called the Trump White House’s excuses when responding to a self-imposed crisis an example of “full retard” (sorry for the language): “(Y)ou have to go in with the understanding that the baseline level for these guys is full retard.”

“’When that was their excuse, I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s so ridiculous.’”

One might surmise that refers to the double negative but it could also be Sarah Huckabee Sanders claiming Trump was answering a different question than the one he was clearly asked. On tape.

Then, for the coup de grâce, the second former official added, “You have a lot of people who are just a bunch of small-timers and clowns, so when they fuck up a response, you almost can’t blame them because you knew what you were getting, you know? When you have people who suck at this and then they f*ck up a response, you can’t really be angry. This is what you have. It’s like having a puppy that shi*s on the floor, you can’t get angry at the puppy. The puppy doesn’t know any better.”

“I guess it’s like the puppy shat on the floor, and then they took the shit and they rubbed it all over the walls.”

There you go, citizens. Your president and his “all the best people” handling the red button are “small-timers and clowns” – a puppy sh*tting on the floor and then wiping it everywhere.

I mean, what did you expect.

I would only add that the puppy is working for the mafia, and pocketing a lot of taxpayer cash to sh*t everywhere.

We were promised that someone competent could manage Trump. So far, that’s not working out any better than it did during the campaign and for that matter, for Trump’s entire life. That is to say, no one can successfully stop this puppy from sh*tting all over the floor and spreading it everywhere. He’s a spoiled, entitled brat with deep insecurities, a longing to be a dictator and an entire party holding all of the check power willing to enable him.