Joe Scarborough Says the Republican Party No Longer Deserves to Survive


Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough tore into President Donald Trump and the entire Republican Party on Friday morning. Writing in the Washington Post, the former Republican Congressman said that the GOP under Trump “no longer deserves to survive.”

“What loyal American would embrace a ‘Putin First’ foreign policy that aligns U.S. interests with a Russian dictator’s goals rather than those long championed by America’s military and intelligence communities?” wrote Scarborough, who left the GOP and registered as an independent in 2017.


Throughout his blistering opinion piece Scarborough questions how so many of the GOP can support the concept of the United States withdrawing from NATO. He mentions a recent poll where only 40 percent of Republicans said they still support staying in the joint defense alliance with our European allies.

Scarborough also asks if the people surveyed who want to leave NATO are “sleepwalking through history while our North Atlantic allies stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States during that long, twilight struggle against Communist Russia?”

“Have they forgotten that during that Cold War, nothing less than the planet’s survival hung in the balance?” Scarborough asks in his op-ed piece. “Are today’s Republicans now so tribal as to blindly endorse a foreign policy warped by Trump’s obvious allegiance to a former KGB chief who controls Russia through repression, bribery and political assassination and who has called the collapse of that evil empire the “greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century’?”

The popular MSNBC talk show host goes on in the editorial to ask how any Republican could not be “repulsed” by the performance from Trump during his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, and by his refusal to denounce Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Scarborough also noted that Republicans’ minds are still not changing, and they are still supportive of how Trump is handling Russia. He then says that he believes that the events in Finland made very clear that “the president of the United States is under the thumb of Putin.”

“And the Republican Party he leads no longer deserves to survive,” Scarborough concluded.