Top Democrat Says Mueller May Be Able To Get Translator’s Notes From Trump/Putin Meeting

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) told MSNBC that the battle to get testimony or the notes of the translator from Trump’s private meeting with Putin isn’t over and that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may be able to get the translator’s notes.


Swalwell was asked if the Democratic efforts to get the translator’s notes was over.

He answered, “It can’t be the end of it. Also remember, you know, Bob Mueller may be able to get that interpreter’s notes and to hear from that interpreter as well. There are real concerns that this president may have disclosed national security secrets, may have put at risk intelligence officials in our government and may have made a side deal with Vladimir Putin that even his own intelligence heads do not know about. I’m saying that because this president has priors. He did this before just a year ago in the Oval Office when he had foreign minister Lavrov and ambassador Kislyak from Russia in there, and he kicked out U.S. Press and only allowed Russian media in while he divulged national security secrets.”

Swalwell was correct. Trump is not going to be able to keep his pillow talk with Putin private. Special Counsel Robert Mueller may already have the notes in his position or already spoken to the translator. Trump has a proven track record of giving away classified information and trying to cut private side deals. The problem is that as president, nothing that Trump does is going to stay secret forever.

Democrats are fighting, and this isn’t over by a long shot. If Democrats can’t get the information, you better believe that Robert Mueller can and will.

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