Trump Proclaims Himself America’s Favorite President After Betraying The US

In a Saturday tweet, Trump proclaimed himself your, and by extension, America’s favorite president while throwing his ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, under the bus.

Trump tweeted:

In this tweet, Trump proclaimed himself your favorite president while attacking the government that he is supposed to be leading, which sums up Trump placing of himself over his country at all times.

It isn’t a coincidence that this tweet came after Trump has spent this week on the receiving end of bipartisan outrage after he bowed down to Putin at their press conference. Trump is trying to spin and comfort himself with a false sense of popularity that doesn’t exist.

Obama is the American people’s favorite president

A recent Pew Research survey found that the American people rank Barack Obama as the best president of their lifetimes,, not Donald Trump. It is a safe guess that by the time Trump is either removed from or voted out of office, his name will rank near or at the top of all time worst presidents lists for generations to come. It is a well-established fact that Trump can’t handle criticism, but he wants to be regarded as a favorite president, a good start would be to stop attacking his own country and government.

Also, it might be nice if he started working for the United States instead of Putin.

Until then, Trump will be anything but “your favorite president.”

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