Virginia Senate Candidate Laughed Off Stage When He Says Trump Is Standing Up To Russia


Republican Senate candidate Corey Stewart was laughed off stage during his debate with Sen. Tim Kaine when he claimed that Trump is standing up to Russia.

Watch the audience’s reaction as Corey Stewart claims that Trump is standing up to Russia:


Stewart tried to paint Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine as weak on Russia by saying, “He was noticeably silent when the Russians shot down a Malaysian airliner when President Obama was in office. He was noticeably silent when the Russians invaded the Crimea when President Obama was in office. We have a president who is standing up to the Russians, and now, Sen. Kaine…”

At that point, Tim Kaine laughed, and the audience laughed and booed.

Corey Stewart is running in Virginia as a Trump mini-me. Stewart is courting the racists and white supremacists that fuel Trump’s base. Stewart is also going to get crushed in November, as the same dynamic that played out in the Virginia governor’s race, when the nominee decided to run as a Trump clone will play out again in the US Senate.

It isn’t just that Virginia is trending a darker shade of blue. It is also that the Republican Party in the state has deteriorated into being a right-wing fringe group.

If Republican candidates try to run on Trump being strong on Russia, the laughter and boos that Stewart faced will echo from sea to shining sea.

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