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James Comey Urges Democrats To Stay In The Middle And Avoid The Far Left

Former FBI Director, and Republican, James Comey issued a plea to Democrats to avoid rushing to the far left because the middle wants sensible and balanced leadership.

Comey tweeted:

Former FBI Director Comey is right about one big point. Trump and the Republicans would love nothing more than to see Democrats move to the very far left. Trump and the GOP would love to run against Bernie Sanders. It has long been reported that the Republican Party’s opposition file on Sanders is two feet thick. The Democratic Party is a big tent party. There is room for the far left. The fiscally conservative left, the socially conservative left, and the liberals, the progressives, and the moderates.

Democrats are what the Republican Party used to be roughly 10-15 years ago when it actually possessed different types of Republicans. The Democratic Party is inclusive. One of the most common statements that I hear from former Republicans who switch to the Democratic Party is how welcomed and included they feel. Democrats are diverse and tolerant.

The political center has been abandoned by Trump and the Republicans. The political middle of the country is there for the taking for Democrats. It is worth noting that the primary fight between Clinton and Sanders in 2016 wasn’t about policy differences, but how to arrive at the desired policy outcomes. For example, Democrats agree that people should be able to see a doctor when they get sick, and that tax cuts should go to the middle and lower classes, not the rich.

As Trump has taken the GOP to the far right, if Democrats stick to the center, they will be poised to win big in November.

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