New Trump Chicken Blimp Sets Sail Dressed Like an Alcatraz Prisoner


A new 33-foot tall blimp with a characterization of President Donald Trump made to look like a chicken was put on an Alcatraz prisoner boat in San Francisco Bay on Sunday. The blimp owners said their goal was “to speak truth to poultry.”

“Inflatable “Trump Chicken” dressed like a prisoner sails off coast of San Francisco”


The newest version of the Trump Chicken is shown wearing black-and-white prison stripes and a garment label that says “Prisoner 45,” according to the Bay Area KRON 4 News. The Trump Chicken blimp was photographed floating on an “Alcatraz Prison Transport” boat that was sailing around San Francisco Harbor and the notorious Alcatraz prison island known as “the Rock.”

A GoFundMe page was set up by the owners of the Trump Chicken in an attempt to raise money to pay for the chicken blimp and the costs of rental boats. Here is more information about the blimp written by the owners:

We at Trump Chicken are civic minded.  We want to give you a chance to speak your piece to the Chicken President when we sail our 33-foot bird in his Prisoner45 shirt slowly down the Embarcadero and further south this Sunday in a prison transport boat.

As he sails past, you can say anything you want to President Chicken. You can mock and squawk and swear like you’ve never sworn before in a proud expression of your First Amendment right. Bring your friends.  Make some signs and banners. Wear costumes. Dance. Everyone remember we’re still free.

You may think of the Trump Chicken from August on the White House Ellipse , or this President’s Day weekend sailing around Alcatraz  as #chickenofthesea. This Sunday from 11:30 to 3, help us raise the money to bring the #TheChickenHomeToRoost.

We are proven custodians of the people’s funds, having pulled off the Tax March in 2017  and Prisoner45  earlier this year. We need your voice at the water’s edge. Come one and all to the Eastern Shore of San Francisco Sunday 11:30 to 3 to speak truth to poultry.”

Trump blimps have become popular this year. During Trump’s visit a few weeks ago a 20-foot inflatable “Trump Baby Blimp” made its debut in England and Scotland. The orange diaper-clad baby holding a cell phone flew over London and Edinburg.

The original “Trump Chicken” appeared last year during the San Francisco Tax March and then appeared at the White House in February.