Trump Claims That Obama Is The Mastermind Behind His Russia Treason

Trump is trying to blame Obama for inventing the Russia scandal, and not telling him about it because he thought that Hillary Clinton would win.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is claiming that Obama knew about the Russia scandal before the election and did nothing about it. (Not true.) Trump then complains that Obama didn’t tell his campaign about the Russia scandal because it is a hoax, and the reason why Obama didn’t tell Trump is that he thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win.

There is a contradiction in Trump’s tweet that sticks out like a sore thumb. If Obama thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win, why would he have to invent the Russia scandal? There would be no need for a Russia scandal if Hillary Clinton were winning.

The other problem with Trump’s tweet is that reality doesn’t match up with his fantasy. There is a mountain of evidence against members of the Trump campaign. Trump’s former campaign manager is currently sitting in prison. Barack Obama didn’t mastermind the Russia scandal, Obama tried to do more before the election in a bipartisan manner, but Mitch McConnell blocked his efforts. After the election, it was Obama who ordered the Russia election hacking document preserved so that Trump couldn’t destroy them.

Trump is trying to blame Obama because his entire political playbook has come from decades of watching Fox News. Obama is the universal fall guy for the Republican Party, but Obama didn’t invent the Russia scandal. The Trump campaign wasn’t told about it because they were the target of the investigation.

Blame Obama isn’t going to work, especially not after Trump behaved like Putin’s lapdog for the world to see.

The man behind the treason isn’t Barack Obama. It’s Donald Trump.

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