House Democrats Introduce Resolution Condemning Trump For Not Standing Up To Putin

House Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced that Democrats had introduced a resolution condemning Trump for not standing up to Putin.


Pelosi said, “In the House here though, instead of honoring our oath to protect and defend our Constitution and our country from enemies both foreign and domestic, House Republicans are complicit in the president’s betrayal of out democracy. Today, Democrats are introducing a resolution to condemn the president’s failure to stand up to Putin for his attacks on our elections, on our democracy. We call on Republicans, give them another chance, to defend our democracy from the Russian threat.”

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said, “The Helsinki Summit brought to a head an entirely new and destructive direction that Donald Trump would bring to this country. A direction in which we shun fellow democracies, in which we castigate our NATO allies, in which we make common cause with authoritarian governments around the world, and which we embrace a Russia which intervening in our own election, and practically invites them to do it again.”

The resolution will show support for democracies and condemn Trump’s affinity for authoritarianism.

The resolution will likely not get enough sponsors to come to the floor, because most House Republicans are terrified of crossing Trump and his base, but the point is to raise attention and keep the focus on Trump’s behavior. Also, with a midterm election just a few months away, it may not be much longer until these resolutions go from public appeals to passage.

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