Prime Crazy: Trump Thinks Amazon Is Out To Get Him

Trump thinks that Amazon and The Washington Post are the same company, and they are out to get him.

Trump tweeted:

Trump thinks Amazon is out to get him because it is owned by Jeff Bezos

Trump’s motivations are easy to understand. He can’t grasp that Amazon and The Washington Post are separate companies. He thinks that by harming Amazon, he can change the coverage that he gets in The Post. Trump is trying to destroy a pillar of the free press by attacking Amazon. It is that simple. Of course, Amazon and The Post aren’t the same company, and Bezos was recently named the richest person in the world, so this strategy is going to fall flat on its face.

If Obama had tweeted daily about how Netflix was out to get him, people would universally be calling for him to step down because it would be clear that he had lost his mind, so we should not view Trump’s tweets any differently because he unleashes these barrages so often.

Trump is paranoid, and he has zero understanding of or respect for the free press.

What the President Of The United States tweeted was crazy, and it needs to be called out, not accepted as the new normal of American politics.

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