Attorney General Jeff Sessions Laughs As Students Chant For Hillary Clinton To Be Locked Up

The Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions, laughed and joined in as students chanted lock her up while he gave a speech in DC.


Sessions said as the students at the Turning Point USA’s High School Leadership Summit, chanted lock her up, “Go get them. Rather than — lock her up. Well, so I heard that a lot of times over the last campaign.”

Lock her up is a phrase that now means using the power of the federal government to lock up political opponents. The Trump cultists are mindlessly mouthing a golden oldie callback to the days before their president was labeled a treasonous betrayer of the United States, but it goes to show how out of touch with reality these Americans are.

It is difficult to know whether Jeff Sessions was wistfully laughing about the good old days when the Trump campaign could call for the imprisoning of Hillary Clinton without the reality of members of the campaign actually sitting in federal prison today, or if he was laughing at the rubes who were conned by the Trump campaign into believing this nonsense about locking Clinton up.

The one question that Trump, Sessions, and the rest of the gang can’t answer is what would Hillary Clinton be locked up for?

Clinton committed no crime. She broke no laws.

A responsible attorney general would have shut down those chants. He or she might have admonished the crowd that here in the United States of American, we don’t lock up political opponents for no reason, but Jeff Sessions is not a responsible Attorney General. He is a Trump stooge who is into the Russia scandal up to his eyeballs, and it is only a matter of time before those who chanted lock her are themselves locked up.

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