Prize Winning Trump Biographer: Russia Has 30 Years of Dirt on the President

Pulitzer-winning journalist David Cay Johnston said on CNN Tuesday that Donald Trump has been involved in shady business deals for 30 years and the Russian government has a file with evidence (called kompromat) it can use to prove Trump’s crimes. According to Johnston, this gives Putin and Russia leverage over Trump which they use to influence his behavior and his decisions.

“Biographer David Cay Johnston reveals that Russia has amassed a 30-year trove of compromising dirt on Trump”

Johnston has written a Trump biography and has been following his business career and researching his financial dealings for over two decades. According to him there are many compromising facts about Trump that are easily revealed when one looks deeply into his finances.

“We know the Russians have been courting Donald, spending money on him and putting money in his pocket for more than 30 years,” Johnston said on CNN. “Donald’s son, one of his sons, has said they were getting lots of money from Russians, and he’d been deeply involved with deals… with Russian gangsters.”

Johnston also said there is evidence of very deep ties and longstanding relationships among Trump, Russian oligarchs and Russian gangsters. “The issue is that there is so much kompromat out there that Trump couldn’t even keep track of it all,” Johnston explained.

Then the Pulitzer-prize winning author and Trump expert made this shocking statement:

“Trump believes in his own mind he’s better than the rest of us, and he should be in charge for life. But Donald also knows that his tax returns are a real problem…. Russian money is very important to Donald’s position. And explains why when he has no money and he had no credit, he was flush with cash through all sorts of deals as well as being bailed out a few years ago.”

Today’s CNN interview is not the first time that Johnston has made controversial and eye-opening comments about Donald Trump.

Back in April an article appeared in Salon called: Pulitzer-winning reporter David Cay Johnston: “The evidence suggests Trump is a traitor”

In that article he is quoted as saying:

Here are the key things people should know about Donald Trump. He comes from a family of criminals: His grandfather made his fortune running whorehouses in Seattle and in the Yukon Territory. His father, Fred, had a business partner named Willie Tomasello, who was an associate of the Gambino crime family. Trump’s father was also investigated by the U.S. Senate for ripping off the government for what would be the equivalent of $36 million in today’s money. Donald got his showmanship from his dad, as well as his comfort with organized criminals.”

Johnston knows Trump as well as anyone, and he is telling us:

  1. That there is a great deal of evidence of Trump’s crimes,
  2. That Russia has this evidence, and
  3. They are using it to blackmail him.

It is highly probable that Robert Mueller and his world-class team of investigators also have the evidence of Trump’s crimes and his associations with Russian mobsters, as well as his tax returns.

The bad news is the Vladimir Putin is using kompromat to control Donald Trump. But the good news is that Mueller’s investigation will likely use this same evidence to bring Donald Trump to justice. While the nation fears the implications of Trump being a Russian asset, at the same the nations is hopeful that justice will be done and Donald Trump will soon resign or be forced from office.