Sen. Richard Blumenthal Just Called On Mueller To Subpoena Trump

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) just called on Robert Mueller to subpoena Trump, and if he refuses to comply, take him to court.


All In’s Chris Hayes asked Blumenthal if he agreed with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) that it is time for Mueller to subpoena Trump.

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He answered, “I agree. It is at the point where a subpoena from the special counsel will be entirely appropriate. This offer of a limited interview would be laughed out of his office if Rudy Giuliani were still U.S. Attorney. As a prosecutor, I would have laughed out of my office. And I think the special counsel in fairness to the country ought to talk about a subpoena and give the Giuliani and Trump camp a definite time limit on complying and then go to court if necessary and that action may go to the United States Supreme Court where as you know, the nominee in question believes very strongly that maybe the Nixon tape case ought to be considered, and the president should be above the law.”

The Mueller investigation is going to result in a showdown over impeachment. While it is important that Mueller get to interview Trump, especially about obstruction of justice, the scandal has been on a path to impeachment from the beginning. It would be wise for Trump to talk to Mueller so that he can get his side of the story on the record because the Mueller report is likely to result in articles of impeachment if Democrats control the House.

Since everyone around Trump holds the belief that he will lie to Mueller, Trump’s lawyers might be trying to keep perjury from being added to future articles of impeachment. It is time for Mueller to subpoena Trump. The president is dodging Mueller and trying to stonewall him because he is afraid of the Special Counsel’s investigation.

The consensus has grown to a roar. It is time for Mueller to subpoena Trump and force him to testify about his role in the Russia scandal.

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