Trump Refuses To Answer Questions And Runs Away After White House Event

Things are so bad for Trump that he ran away from reporters asking questions after a White House event with the president of the European Commission.

Here is Trump fleeing as reporters shout questions:

Prior to fleeing, Trump desperately tried to change the subject to trade:

No one really believes that Trump has a trade deal with the European Commission. Today’s “deal” announcement sounded a lot like Trump’s “deal” with North Korea in that Trump hears what he wants to hear and then touts as a deal which is followed by whining when no one gives him credit for his imaginary deal.

Donald Trump has never met a camera that he doesn’t like, so for Trump to turn tail and flee back to the White House, things are bad. Trump tried to change the subject, and he failed. The news is still dominated by his betrayal of his country to Putin and the tape that Michael Cohen released. We are watching a president sink into the abyss before our eyes.

Trump talks a big game about strength, but it came time to fight, he bowed to Putin and ran from questions.

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