Avenatti: Trump Paid Off Multiple Women in 2016 and One Was Pregnant

Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti  posted on Twitter early Thursday morning a statement saying that he has new evidence proving Donald Trump and his attorney/fixer Michael Cohen paid off multiple women in 2016 during the presidential campaign, and they were concerned about one of them being pregnant.

According to Avenatti, “Donald Trump conspired with Michael Cohen to pay off multiple other women prior to Election Day in 2016.” He added, “they were also concerned about a pregnancy.” He  went on to write that “Cohen has evidence and info in his possession and it must be released to the public.”

“Breaking: Donald Trump conspired with Michael Cohen to pay off multiple other women prior to Election Day in 2016. They were also concerned about a pregnancy. Cohen has evidence and info in his possession and it must be released to the public. Now!”

When one of Avenatti’s followers asked him if he had received new evidence to back up these claims, the attorney said he had, and he also defended his track record:

Question: “Why is this breaking now … did you receive new evidence?”

Answer: “Yes.”  “And for the haters out there, check my track record. I don’t make claims that are nonsense.”

Avenatti has said before that there was a pregnancy involved in the Cohen/Trump coverups. He also has indirectly implied that it was Donald Trump, and not former GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy who got another woman — Shera Bechard — pregnant, and that’s why Cohen was involved paying her hush money. Before today these allegations have been unsubstantiated and no proof has been provided.

Avenatti has said that he has new evidence in his possession but he has not yet made any such evidence public.

For several weeks Avenatti has been pressuring Cohen, attempting to persuade him to release all the evidence in his possession concerning cover-up work that he did for Trump before the 2016 election.

In another early morning tweet today he addressed Cohen and his new attorney Lanny Davis, asking them why they want a gag order and a delay in the Stormy Daniels case:

If Mr. Cohen & Mr. Davis are all about the truth, why are they seeking to put a gag order in place, delay my clients’ case, and prevent us from taking Mr. Cohen’s deposition and Mr. Trump’s? Why not let us get to the truth? Why not let us disclose the truth to the public?”

Avenatti makes a good case here. If we are to believe Cohen and Davis, they are truth-seekers, and looking out for the good of the country. And Avenatti has pointed out that if this is true then they should release all of the evidence they have in their possession because that is the only way we can know the truth.

Avenatti never says where he gets his information, and he also doesn’t make public the evidence he says he has.  Avenatti has proven that he is usually right when he says that evidence exists, however.

Now he is asking Cohen and Davis to make the information public, and perhaps they will do that soon, although the fact that they are seeking a gag order is not a good sign.

If this “new evidence” does get released to the public there is no question that it will be explosive, and it may even be enough for more Republicans to abandon their support for our morally corrupt president.

Leo Vidal

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