Michael Cohen Is Burning Trump To The Ground As Trump Org CFO Subpoenaed To Testify

Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg has been subpoenaed to testify in the federal investigation into Michael Cohen, as Trump’s former lawyer is burning it all to the ground.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “Allen Weisselberg, a longtime financial gatekeeper for President Donald Trump, has been subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury in the criminal probe of Mr. Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, according to people familiar with the investigation. Mr. Weisselberg is considered a witness in the investigation, the people said. It isn’t known whether he has already appeared before the grand jury or what questions prosecutors of New York’s Southern District have had for him. The date of the subpoena couldn’t be determined.”

Trump is trapped with Mueller on one side and Cohen on the other

One could have a very lengthy debate about which investigation Donald Trump should be more worried about, but based on what is publicly known, the Michael Cohen probe and the hundreds of thousands of pieces of evidence that have been collected should have the entire White House in a panic. The Cohen investigation has the potential to destroy the entire Trump family and their business.

The Mueller investigation could do the same, but it would have to go through the 2016 election and Russian election meddling. The Cohen probe is a direct route to the inner workings of the Trump Organization. Weisselberg has worked for Trump’s family going back to Trump’s father, so unless he is given a reason, he is likely to maintain his loyalty to the Trumps.

The Cohen case illustrates that the worst thing to ever happen to the Trump operation was Donald Trump winning the 2016 election. The Cohen investigation is burning Trump to the ground and could reduce his paper empire to a pile of gold-plated rubble in short order.

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