Bad News For Republicans As Moms Have Turned On Trump Over Border Child Kidnapping

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll revealed that US mothers of minor children have completely turned on Trump over his family separation policy.

Here is the chart:

NBC News reported, “Just 28 percent of mothers who currently have a child under 18 at home approve of Trump’s handling of the separated families, compared with 63 percent who disapprove…. While mothers have a net negative approval rating of Trump’s performance on all of the issues surveyed in the poll — including the economy (net -1 percent), North Korea (net -13 percent), trade (net -8 percent) and Russia (net -33 percent) —the 63 percent of moms disapproving of Trump on family separations was the highest among the group for any issue polled.”

This poll is terrible news for Republicans in Congress

There are dozens of Republican-held House seats in suburban swing districts that are in jeopardy this fall. As Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report noted in February, “If Midwestern and rural seats will decide the Senate, the House will be decided by the suburbs. Of particular concern for Republicans are districts that include both liberal/upscale zip codes and/or major colleges and universities, and working class, pro-Trump regions. That’s where Republicans could suffer the most as a result of an enthusiasm gap between revved-up Democratic voters and the Trump base.”

The loss of support of moms with kids under 18 will hurt Republicans across the board, but it will be devastating for House Republican incumbents in suburban districts. In 2004, these voters were referred to as the “soccer mom vote,” and they were key to getting George W. Bush reelected. If they stay sour on Trump and the GOP they could push a blue wave over the top.

Moms are angry and Trump and his party, and the result could be a Democratic House in 2019.

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