Rep. Eric Swalwell Says Trump’s Stupidity Could Land Him In Prison

Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell says Donald Trump’s stupidity could end up landing in jail as Robert Mueller is now looking into the president’s tweets as part of the obstruction angle in his ongoing Russia investigation.

Responding to Rudy Giuliani’s new counter-defense that Trump’s Twitter page can’t be used against him because no criminal would be dumb enough to obstruct justice out in the open, Swalwell reminded the former New York mayor that criminals often end up in jail because of their own stupidity.

And if you look at Trump’s Twitter page, you’ll see no shortage of moronic rantings that could fall under the umbrella of obstruction of justice.

As Swalwell pointed out on Thursday, “There’s no Twitter-client privilege.”


Rep. Swalwell and Matthews discuss how Trump’s stupidity-laced tweets could get him in legal trouble:

SWALWELL: There is no Twitter/client privilege in the law. So that is not going to save him. I’ve heard this before when I was a prosecutor: ‘Who would be so stupid to say something that everybody could see.

MATTHEWS: That is what Rudy is saying. Rudy says he must be innocent of these charges because he did them openly.

SWALWELL: Prisons aren’t filled with Rhodes scholars. They’re filled with people who make a lot of mistakes that we’re able to find. … [Trump] feels emboldened to keep moving forward because he knows, ultimately, this goes to the judiciary committee and when you look at that land of misfit toys and the people who are there doing everything they can to be his fixers in Congress, he thinks, ‘Well, I am not going to pay a penalty because they just going to let me keep doing it. They are not going to hold me accountable.’ I think that changes in November because I think the American people want a check on this president. They see him as a wrecking ball and they just want to be protected.

Trump’s own idiotic rhetoric will sink him

Criminals don’t land in the big house because of their brilliance. Instead, they end up getting caught because of their own idiocy – and because they have too much confidence in their ability to skirt the law.

On both of these fronts – idiocy and overconfidence – Trump is off the charts.  It’s one thing to be a fool. But it’s particularly dangerous to be a confident fool.

With Democrats poised for gains this fall and Robert Mueller circling around the president, Trump will soon no longer be able to get away with it.

Sean Colarossi

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