Trump May Have Tweeted Himself Into Impeachment As Mueller Investigates His Tweets

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is using Trump’s Twitter account as part of his investigation as the special counsel is examining the president’s tweets.

The New York Times reported:
The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, is scrutinizing tweets and negative statements from the president about Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the former F.B.I. director James B. Comey, according to three people briefed on the matter.


Mr. Mueller wants to question the president about the tweets. His interest in them is the latest addition to a range of presidential actions he is investigating as a possible obstruction case: private interactions with Mr. Comey, Mr. Sessions and other senior administration officials about the Russia inquiry; misleading White House statements; public attacks; and possible pardon offers to potential witnesses.

Trump’s lawyers have warned him and done everything possible short of taking away his phone or changing his Twitter password and not telling him to get the president to stop tweeting. The people who are trying to keep Trump out of prison wanted to vet his tweets before he published them, but of course, the president rebelled, so it never happened. Eventually, the White House gave up on trying to stop Trump from tweeting, and the end result is that Robert Mueller is following Trump’s Twitter account like breadcrumbs through a forest of crime.

It is going to be Trump’s own words from the Lester Holt interview to Michael Cohen tapes, and his tweets that bring this president down. Interestingly, Mueller wants to talk to Trump about his habit of floating pardons on Twitter to Russia witnesses. Those pardon hints could be viewed as an effort to obstruct justice.

Because Trump wouldn’t stop tweeting, Robert Mueller has a trail of the president’s own words that could lead straight to impeachment.

When the history of this period in American politics is written, entire books will be penned about how Trump impeached himself.

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