Trump’s Election Security Meeting Lasted Less Than 30 Minutes Before He Left To Play Golf

Trump has no plan to keep America’s election’s secure, and he has no agency or person in charge of election security, and to make sure that everyone knows that he could care less, his national security meeting on election security lasted less than 30 minutes.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny tweeted:

Then after what appears to be less than a half an hour, Trump bolted for his golf club in New Jersey:

Trump couldn’t even fake caring about US national security for an hour while the country that he is supposed to be leading is under ongoing attack from Russia. It is stunts like blowing off American national security to get your golf club for the weekend that has led the vast majority of Americans to conclude that Trump is working against the interests of his own country.

At every opportunity, Trump sides with Russians while displaying total disinterest in protecting the United States of America. Trump is so intent on leaving our election security backdoor wide open for Putin that he doesn’t have a person or an agency in charge of protecting US elections.

Trump would rather play golf at the taxpayers’ expense than uphold his oath office.

When Trump blew off the election security meeting, he insulted the intelligence of every single American and confirmed that he is a president who is living on borrowed time.

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