Calls Grow For The IRS Investigate The Trump Foundation For Crimes

A dozen public interest organizations are calling on the IRS to investigate the Trump Foundation for criminal violations of the US tax code.

The groups American Family Voices, Americans for Tax Fairness, Campaign for Accountability, Center for American Progress, Center for Biological Diversity, Center for Media and Democracy, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), Common Cause, Demand Progress Action, End Citizens United, Free Speech For People, Public Citizen all signed a letter calling on the IRS to investigate the Trump Foundation.

Read the full letter:


The letter states in part, “Our laws grant tax-exempt status to foundations and other charitable organizations on the condition that they operate exclusively for charitable purposes—not to promote political candidates or pay off private debts,” the letter states. “Yet according to the [New York State Attorney General’s] two-year investigation, the Trump Foundation repeatedly and blatantly engaged in just such prohibited activities. Failure by the IRS to respond energetically to such shocking allegations of misconduct would send the wrong message to other Americans about the need to adhere to our tax laws and the impartiality of their application.”

Trump spent foundation money to support his presidential campaign

The Trump campaign directed and coordinated the Trump Foundation’s infamous “Iowa fundraiser for veterans” which was a sham event that was no more than a publicity stunt for Trump’s presidential campaign. Trump tried to for months to get out of donating to money that he promised to veterans’ charities, which was a sure sign that Foundation wasn’t a real charitable organization, but a Trump family piggy bank.

The Trump Foundation has been called a criminal enterprise by the New York Attorney General. Given the state level investigation, it is a must that the IRS investigate Trump and his family for potential federal tax crimes.

With any president, the alleged criminal activity at the Trump Foundation would be huge news, just because Trump may be committing larger and flashier crimes elsewhere, the American people can’t allow other violations of the law to slip through the cracks.

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