Desperate McCarthy Tells House GOP That “Nobody is Safe”

A desperate House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has told Republicans in Congress that nobody is safe in this year’s midterm elections, and nobody can take their seats for granted. McCarthy has confirmed that GOP leaders are extremely worried about a Blue Wave this year that will take away their congressional majorities.

Reports are that McCarthy “cracked the whip” with his GOP colleagues on the topics of fundraising and campaigning in a sit down meeting with them yesterday. As a leader of the Republican House caucus he apparently decided it was up to him to give what was called “a combination pep talk and wake-up call.” His goal was to have an impact before members of Congress left Washington for their five-week summer recess.

People close to the Majority Leader have summarized his message as follows:

  • Republicans are facing a surge in Democratic fundraising and voter enthusiasm,
  • The GOP needs to make up ground if they are going to buck historical trends and keep control of the House in the first midterm election of Donald Trump’s presidency,
  • They have to target women and independent voters, and,
  • They have to highlight not just a booming U.S. economy, but also the bipartisan House bills to combat human trafficking and the opioid crisis.

If McCarthy is successful it will help him in his quest to ascend in the party’s House leadership. If the GOP retains control, and there is a vote next year on a successor to House Speaker Paul Ryan his efforts will determine whether he ascends to the top job.

“Kevin McCarthy Makes It Official: He’s Running for Speaker House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) made it clear . . . that he wants to be the next Speaker of the House if Republicans retain control after the November midterm elections.”

McCarthy has many supporters in the GOP caucus.  Jeff Denham, a California Republican and close McCarthy supporter, said, “He’s been a huge help in everything — campaigning, fundraising, strategizing. He has a great eye for what each district needs.”

McCarthy has also taken advantage of his leadership position, raising more than $12 million in the second quarter of this year between his own campaign and joint fundraising committees.

Kevin McCarthy knows that it is unlikely that the GOP will retain control of the House after the 2018 midterm elections, and his latest actions show that he is desperately trying to do whatever he can to turn back the Blue Wave.