Devin Nunes Wants To Sue Twitter After Getting Busted For Tweeting Trump/Russia Propaganda

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and three other House Republicans are threatening to sue Twitter because their accounts were temporarily shadowbanned.

Here is Nunes on Fox Business threatening to sue Twitter:

Nunes answered when asked if Twitter was censoring conservatives, “I had no idea what shadow banning was. I had no clue. For several months people have been contacting me saying I tried to find you on Twitter. I couldn’t find your account, why is that. Then we had a report that came out where there were four people in the House of Representatives and four elected officials that were quote-unquote, shadowbanned. they don’t call it shadow banning. There was a trap were people couldn’t see our Twitter feed. That was Mr. Gaetz, Mr. Meadows, Mr. Jordan, and myself. It looks like they are censoring people. They ought to stop it. We are looking at legal remedies to go through.”

Interestingly, the accounts that were temporarily caught up in Twitter’s purge of Russian bots and fake news spreaders, all tweet disinformation about the Russia investigation. The disinformation matches Trump’s tweets, and what Russian bots circulate on the popular social media platform. Rep. Nunes is a stooge of Trump’s who was on the Trump transition team and spread the infamous and widely discredited memo concerning the Russia investigation being a conspiracy against Trump.

Nunes also obstructed and shut down the House Intelligence Russia investigation, and has been the roadblock in the House to getting to the bottom of what happened with Trump and the Russians during the 2016 election.

Conservatives love the idea that they are persecuted or censored in some way. It is the ultimate distraction issue. Twitter was not censoring anyone. They were just trying to keep Russian disinformation off of their platform. It speaks volumes that Twitter couldn’t tell the difference between Russian propaganda and tweets from Devin Nunes.

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