Trump Just Dug His Own Grave By Attacking Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller is investigating Trump’s tweets, so the president responded by attacking the Special Counsel on Twitter.

Trump tweeted:

There Is One Common Theme To Trump’s Attacks On Mueller

Trump only has one goal when it comes to Mueller and that is to discredit. Trump is trying to discredit the Special Counsel so that he can damage the credibility of the findings. The fact that Trump consistently omits about Mueller is that his own administration appointed him. When Trump refers to the anger of the investigators, he is projecting his own anger onto them.

Mueller is investigating Trump’s tweets

Mueller is using Trump’s tweets as part of his investigation. The Special Counsel wants to talk to Trump about his tweets, so the dumbest and most self-destructive thing that Donald Trump could do would be to attack Robert Mueller on the platform that he is investigating. We are watching a guilty president self-destruct, and dig his own political grave one tweet at a time.

Trump is giving the Special Counsel evidence that will be used against him, and it will be his undoing.

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